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Unveiling 10 Astonishing Benefits of Goal Setting

The benefits of goal setting are not always clear to us. You just know in the back of your mind that you need to set goals to succeed this year. That is what everybody else is doing, so being a good business owner you probably should jump on that same wagon. But why?

I haven’t always set goals. Especially in the beginning of my blogging journey, when blogging was just a side hustle, I just wrote whatever came to me on the subject of being a mother of teenagers. But when I got more serious about wanting an online business, I started to see that having goals was something good. It was a solid support throughout the process of building my online business. 

And so I started to do some research on the subject. I set my first goals very carefully and it was such a rush to reach those goals. From that moment on, I never not set goals for my businesses.

If you have never set goals or the goals you’ve set were not inspiring you, it can be a challenge to understand the benefits of goal setting. 

So let’s figure out why setting proper goals for your blogging business is such a good decision.

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The Benefits of Goal Setting

Clarity, Direction, Purpose

What do you want to achieve with your blog? Where do you want to go with it? 

Take a moment to sit and think about this… what is the purpose of your blog posts? Why do you write them? Who are you helping? What journey are your readers on? 

Setting clear goals can give you clarity in where you want your blog to go. It’s a vital part of the roadmap for success. A good roadmap will give direction on where you want to go with your blog. It’ll tell you what the next logical step is in helping the people who read your blog posts. 

For example if you help your readers find their next book to read on your book review blog, a next step could be creating a reading challenge or a digital product like a reading journal. Creating that challenge or product can be an excellent goal to set in your business. 

The purpose of your book review blog is for your audience to find more books to read, right? To provide them with enough information to make a decision on what their next read will be. 

Writing out your goals step by step will give you direction and clarity going forward in your business. Expanding in your blogging business will add more layers to the purpose behind your blog. And you expand by setting the proper goals to get there.

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Focus, Motivation, Accountability

You have a passion for blogging, just like me, right? But let’s be honest, we all have days that that passion is hard to find. How do you keep going? 

When you can focus on your goals, it’ll fuel your passion for writing that next blog post. You know where to concentrate, what your most important tasks and activities are, just by having set your goals. Goals give you focus.

Goals also give you motivation because you want to reach your goals. And if motivation is something that you struggle with, relying on motivation, then at least rely on commitment. 

I followed a workshop once, long ago, and the lady said to rely on commitment if motivating yourself was hard. Whether you have the motivation or not, you have made a commitment to your blog and to your readers. 

Goals can enhance that commitment and provide you with the motivation you need. My goal is to write 50 blog posts this year. I’m committed to that goal and it motivates me to keep going.

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Another question, are you big on accountability? Setting goals helps create accountability by ensuring you stay on track. To stay on track, consider sharing your goals with a supportive accountability buddy. Meet regularly to track your progress, and set realistic deadlines. That way you will create a structured approach that enhances both focus and accountability in your blogging journey. And, of course, you reciprocate, doing the same for your accountability partner. 

A great way to further enhance motivation, why not create a vision board as a visual representation of your goals? You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Go ahead, dive into some magazines, print your photos, or open up Canva to create a fun vision board of your goals. 

And if you’re not a visual person per se, a digital tracker that you can update regularly can be a powerful motivator as well. Even if you don’t have an accountability partner, you can create accountability by setting up these tools to push yourself forward. Goals and keeping track of them can be really fun!

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Confidence and Growth

A fantastic benefit of goal setting is gaining confidence and growing personally and professionally. Setting goals isn’t just about reaching the finish line, it’s about celebrating the small victories along the way. 

When you set goals, you divide them into bit-sized steps you can take or tasks you can complete. Reaching these smaller milestones will give you the confidence to keep going. Checking off tasks will do something in your brain (hello dopamine), and that sense of victory is perfect for your confidence. It’ll help you in reaching your bigger goals. 

Let’s take the goal of creating that reading journal we talked about earlier. First, you’ll divide that big goal into manageable, smaller tasks, like doing some research on what your audience might like, learning how to use a program like Canva to create the actual journal, and setting up your funnel to sell the journal. 

At first, you might think, how the heck am I going to pull this off? Start with asking your email list subscribers if they use a reading journal, and if so, what they use and what problems they might have with that particular format. Once you have a clear idea of what to create, you can check that off your to-do list for this goal. How great does that feel? Are you confident you will be able to help your people? I bet you are!

Next, you will need to actually create this journal. This is where you may need to learn new skills. But you know what? Learning new skills can be really fun, and it will provide growth. 

Throughout the years, I have learned so much by taking courses and workshops, or even by figuring out things myself by watching YouTube videos or Googling. Mostly, I wanted to achieve something in my business because of a goal I’d set. That’s why setting clear goals gives you the benefit of growing as a person and as a business owner.

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Productivity and Creativity

A benefit of setting goals is definitely maintaining or even enhancing productivity and time management. Have you ever had days where you sat behind your desk, and thought to yourself, what am I supposed to work on today? Not knowing what your tasks are and how to move the needle forward is a drag. It will kill all your good intentions and your productivity will plummet. You end up doing busy work, like altering your logo for the tenth time or even worse, scrolling social media without realizing an hour has gone by. 

When you have a clear goal and steps to reach that goal, you will set yourself behind that desk and know exactly what to do next. So you see, goal setting helps in enhancing your productivity big time. 

You also may need some creativity to reach your goals. Maybe you need to think outside the box to solve a problem or finish a step in the process to reach your goal. When you’re working on a big goal, a scary goal maybe, something that will push you to the next level in your business, thinking outside the box is often what’s necessary. Maybe you need to come up with solutions to challenges or problems. And if you can’t find the answers within close proximity you need to get creative. This will push you into a growth mindset. And a growth mindset will get you anywhere you want to go with your business.

Final thoughts

As you see, setting goals has many benefits. Let’s look at them one more time:

  1. Clarity
  2. Direction
  3. Purpose
  4. Focus
  5. Motivation
  6. Accountability
  7. Confidence
  8. Growth
  9. Productivity
  10. Creativity

By setting goals myself, I can say I definitely experience all of these benefits. It has made me a better business owner, more focused and productive with a clear vision for the future of my blogging business. I set yearly goals and break them up into monthly goals and weekly goals so I can stay on track toward the end of the year.

Setting and breaking up yearly goals into more manageable monthly and weekly goals, is creating that path, that roadmap for your blogging business. (And then I haven’t even talked about SMART goals. Let’s discuss that in another blog post.) 

Knowing where you are and where you want to take your business is key to having a successful one. You need a plan, and you need to take action on that plan. Because building your blogging business following a plan will become more rewarding in the end. And that’s what we’re all after as business owners.

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