Meet Nicole

Nicole November 2022 - Meet Nicole by Abundantly Blogging

Hi and welcome …

to THÉ productivity website to get you Abundantly Blogging!

My name is Nicole …

…and I’m the face behind this blog and website.

I’m passionate about time management, goals, and organizing in my blogging business, and I know you are too. Just because you’re here. And I couldn’t be happier!

Let me ask you this, do you wanna become more productive in your blogging business? Do you wanna learn how to organize yourself better as a business owner?

And what about learning how to set proper goals and, even more importantly, reach those goals?

If so, you’re in the right spot! 

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I’ve always been interested in productivity and being organized. I also want to write quality blog posts and I love to learn more about blogging. And I love to share my blogging journey with you.

I want to become the go-to person when you think about productivity!

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A big goal, I know, but I’m excited!

Sharing everything I know and learn with you will save you time searching all over the internet and figuring it out yourself. 

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”

– Wayne Dyer
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But who am I? Glad you asked!

I’m Nicole, a 1970 model (yes, I’m that old!), mom of three great kids, and married to my sweetheart. We have a cute but sassy Jack Russell (Jenny) and two big black cats (Yoshi and Copper, honestly, they are bigger than Jenny!). 

I love to be productive, and I need quiet to write my posts. Lucky am I to have my own workroom at home where I can retreat with a nice cup of flavored tea and a piece of chocolate (always chocolate) to write my posts and work on my blog when my family is at school and work. 

My hobby is reading (books and blogs), and I like to relax with a detective or doctor’s series on Netflix. I also love to visit our pebble beach and take a walk through the woods there, on the island as well.

I always try to go to bed at 10 pm, because I’m an early bird, but somehow that’s a true challenge. And even when I am in bed around 10, I read until late… the hardship!

As I said before, I’ve gone full circle. I started blogging 10+ years ago. First, as a hobby, then sharing how to use and care for my products (bags & zipper pouches), and in the end, making money purely by blogging for my clients (in different niches) in my Virtual Assistant business.

Jenny Oct 2022 - Meet Nicole by Abundantly Blogging
Cats April 2022 - Meet Nicole by Abundantly Blogging

Abundantly Blogging is the place where all that I’ve learned throughout the years (and all that I’m still learning) is going to be shared with you. I’ve lost precious time where I needed to Google and find answers to my questions about productivity and goal setting. I don’t want you to lose time as well. That’s why it’s my mission to share everything I have learned and will learn here on Abundantly Blogging.

I’ve educated myself by following the appropriate courses:
business courses, SEO courses, Pinterest courses, and marketing courses.
I believe it’s important to stay up to date when it comes to having a business.

Safe to say, I have learned a lot over the years, and I want to share that with you.

Jenny and Yoshi July 2022 - Meet Nicole by Abundantly Blogging

Abundantly Blogging is here for you!

Here on Abundantly Blogging, you will find articles to help you become productive in your blogging business. You can also read and learn how you can reach the goals you set for your business.

My aim is for you to get on page one of Google and get your article found and read by your people. You will learn not only how to write great blog posts, but also how to save precious time being more organized in your business.

To make a long story short,
we are going to build blogging businesses
where we will be highly productive!

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Ok, here are a few facts about me, you know, just for fun:

  • Love to write (that’s no surprise, right?)
  • Enjoy organizing and like systems (online and offline!)
  • Don’t easily give up – I’m like a terrier
  • Our family moved to Norway from the Netherlands in 2008
  • My favorite season: Fall
  • Flavored tea drinker (warm or cold )
  • Mom to 3 amazing girls and married to my long-time sweetheart
  • Fur mom to Jenny, our Jack Russell Terrier, and Yoshi and Copper, our 2 kittens
  • A chocolate addict
  • Loooove languages ànd bridges 
  • And business owner since 2013
  • But most of all eager to help you be productive in your blogging business!

Now that you’ve read all about me and what this website is all about, go check out my blog posts! There are a few categories to choose from:

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